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Greetings from Hong Kong!

We’re very excited to launch the Digital Asia Hub newsletter as a way to share content from and about the region, and showcase interesting people and projects within the digital space. This first issue is very much a work in progress: we’re fizzing with ideas, but we’d love to hear from our readers and co-create a product that is timely, relevant and original. We invite you to join us in this journey, starting with naming us.

Yes, that’s right: throw out your suggestions for a snappy and creative name for our newsletter. Something that reflects our role as a regional hub, a platform that bridges different disciplines related to internet and society, and spans the geographic and cultural diversity of Asia. Something that – to the extent one word or phrase can nod to so many things – reflects our mission to do networked research, grow a community and build capacity. Or just send us a name that captures your own sense of what we’re all about. Send in your ideas by 17 October to, and we’ll publish our next issue wearing a new hat!

Each issue will feature pieces from invited experts, as well as a round-up of news and events. If you’d like to write an original piece for us, have us re-plug a piece recently published elsewhere, or include a conference or event you’re organising, let us know. We’ll push the newsletter out twice a month, and we’ll do our best to feature your news.

This launch issue includes a feature on the hardware memes of Shenzen, an alternate view on the recently concluded IANA transition, and a reminder about why the Internet matters. It also carries pieces on Chinese app-makers’ approach to the Indian smartphone market, and the legal hurdles arising out of WhatsApp’s recent turnaround on privacy. Our next issue will have a thematic focus: we’ll zero in on artificial intelligence, in the run-up to our flagship series, “AI in Asia”. We’ll be hosting workshops across the region, and announcing a Call for Papers for an edited volume.

Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter at @digitalasiahub, and feel free to share this newsletter with friends and colleagues. We hope you enjoy this issue, and we look forward to convening a rich dialogue between Asia and the rest of the world.

Best regards,

Malavika Jayaram
Executive Director, Digital Asia Hub

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