Artificial Intelligence in Asia: What’s Similar, What’s Different? Findings from our AI Workshops

Building on the lessons from our AI series, Digital Asia Hub convened a series of deep dives into the research questions that have particular salience in the developing world when it comes to the AI.  Collaborating with partners Centre for Internet and Society, India, on researching issues such as autonomy, discrimination, privacy, and the replication[…]

Asia Pacific Regional IGF Forum 2016

Executive Director Malavika Jayaram was a participant and speaker at the 3-day 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum(APrIGF) in Taipei, Taiwan, from July 27-29. The theme of the forum was ‘A New Internet Era – Merging Physical Space with Cyberspace’. Malavika was a speaker at the workshop on ‘Internet Architecture & Human Rights‘ and ‘Responsible Tech: Digital[…]