[RSVP] Launch: The Next Digital Decade – Policy Approaches from Asia (September 23 & 30)

We invite you to attend two launch events on 23 September and 30 September 2021 held on Zoom at 10:00 CET/13:30 IST/ 16:00 SGT. Both events will include a formal introduction to the volume, remarks from several authors of the case studies, and a panel discussion. On 23 September we host a moderated discussion with:[…]

Mobile Ecosystems: Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific region

A discussion on Mobile Ecosystems: Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region was organised on June 9, 2021 featuring five speakers from our Platform Futures Expert Network and one invited guest. Watch the full discussion here and scroll down for highlights. Speakers Through a new program on Platform Futures, the Digital Asia Hub convenes a[…]

Small Books for Big Platforms – Data: Opportunities and Challenges

Digital Asia Hub hosted a discussion with three authors from the Small Books for Big Platforms series in conversation with Nishant Shah, editor of the volume, on June 8.  The authors shared findings from their case studies on platforms in the Asia-Pacific region and Nishant shared a synthesis of all the key findings. Watch the[…]

[RSVP] When the Music’s Over – COVID, Conspiracies and Content Patterns: An India – China Conversation (September 18)

The pandemic triggered a new wave of misinformation and conspiracy theories, about everything from the source of the virus and its epidemiology, to containment measures, to the science behind prevention and treatment. This ‘infodemic’ has serious consequences for public health, with diverse strains playing on fears and prejudices in different contexts and countries. What can[…]

When the Music’s Over – Test, Trace, Isolate. And Legislate?

Tracing apps. Border closures. Quarantines. Immunity Passports. QR Codes. And good old fashioned legislation. Join us on a trip from Seoul to Sydney via the UK, as we hear about the role of law in codifying safeguards, and (re)opening borders and businesses. Our all-star line-up have been closely following (and in one case, leading!) their respective[…]

When The Music’s Over – “Not at Home” with Dr. Nishant Shah

Our previous sessions have focused on law, policy, technology, journalism and other interventions with a public dimension. Moving inward, to the domestic, the private, and the liminal spaces that COVID19 has interrupted, our next session is about looking at the squareness of our homes beyond the rectangles of our screens. We’re thrilled to host “Not[…]

When The Music’s Over – Contact Tracing Apps: Solution or Snake Oil?

Few things in the COVID-verse have been as polarising as contact tracing apps. Gamechangers, or solutions in search of a problem? Centralized or decentralized? Complementary to human contact tracers, or substitutes? In this session of When The Music’s we bring together: Sutawan Chanprasert, founder of DigitalReach Asia, has been analysing apps in Asia including Singapore’s[…]

When The Music’s Over – Access, Affordability, and Inclusion

Our last session on vulnerable populations focused on gig workers, migrants, and people on the margins, as well as the crisis conditions in which preexisting inequalities are amplified. Building on the themes of barriers, this session will highlight issues of access, affordability and other factors that promote inclusion. This conversation took place on Zoom on May[…]