September 27, 2015

Community & Activities

The Digital Asia Hub is designed to serve as an open research-based platform for mutual learning, knowledge production and sharing, and education, and seeks to involve a diverse group of people and entities interested in exploring Internet and society issues.

The longer-term goal of the Digital Asia Hub is to develop a robust community that shares a deep interest in and commitment to Internet and society research.  It will facilitate culturally suitable approaches to shaping and embracing emerging opportunities in digital Asia, and will initiate and support cross-cultural, sectoral, and disciplinary dialogues and collaborations. To accomplish this mission, the Hub has planned to initiate and/or contribute to the following activities:

  • summer schools
  • fellowship and internship programs
  • international network-building initiatives 
  • domestic institutional partnerships
  • public educational and idea-sharing events, such as weekly luncheon series
  • conferences, workshops and meetings to share and further research
  • online education and online conferences or facilitated mailing lists

If you are interested in collaborating with Digital Asia Hub please email Programme Coordinator Julianne Chan(