AI in Asia

Given the data-intensive nature of approaches such as machine learning, and the increasing ubiquity of AI in everyday products and services, there is a growing interest within the privacy community to understand its implications. At the same time, a tremendous amount of innovation and entrepreneurship in the AI space is emerging from Asia to address local challenges. 

From 2016 to 2019, Digital Asia Hub hosted multiple events, roundtable discussions, and workshops covering the various dimensions we can understand AI in Asia–from ethics and trust to science fiction. At a time when the conversation around AI and ethics was still very nascent in Asia, the Hub convened these gatherings to spark conversations, facilitate cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines, build a community, and draw attention both within Asia and beyond. 

The AI in Asia Series was supported by DeepMind, the Journalism and Media Studies Centre and Shun Hing College (both at the University of Hong Kong), Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Google APAC, Videotage, Dani Admiss, the Center for Internet and Society, the Supreme Court of South Korea, the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, the Software Policy Research Institute, Korea University, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Political Dialogue Asia, OpenNetKorea, Babajob, and

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