Future(s) of Work and Play

Global discourse around technology adoption tends to focus on the future of the workplace and labour forces, especially after the pandemic-driven shift to online, remote, and AI-driven workmodes. This is an essential conversation, but in isolation, it might limit our understanding of the social harms or the generative potentials of new technologies.

Future(s) of Work and Play re-imagines and reinvigorates our understandings of the ways technology can influence and shape our future in work, leisure, entertainment, storytelling, social participation, and more. Explore all FoWP content here.

Reading List

From video games and dating apps, to algorithmic biases and the geopolitics of the metaverse, ponder the future with us through our curated reading list.

Future(s) of Work and Play Workshop: Dec 5-7, 2022

On December 5-7, a group of academics, futurists, artists, and builders, joined us for our Future(s) of Work and Play workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more here.

More information about the workshop, including participant profiles, can be found on the dedicated Notion site here.

Lighting Talk Gallery

Review detailed summaries of the topics covered during our Dec 5-7, 2022, workshop here.