September 27, 2015

Mission & Scope

The Digital Asia Hub (the “Hub”) undertakes activities in three main areas: research, knowledge sharing and capacity building.


At the core of the Hub is independent and interdisciplinary research exploring both the opportunities and challenges related to digital technology, innovation, and society in Asia.  The following topics, among others, have been flagged as initial issues for the Hub to explore:

  • Digital Rights (incl. access, privacy, and freedom of expression)
  • Governance and infrastructure (incl. policy, standards, cyberlaw)
  • Innovation, open manufacturing, and digital trade (entrepreneurship and economics)
  • Trending technologies and technology spaces: Smart Contracts, Big Data, Internet of Things
  • Mobile technology and its impact on access, education, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • The use of ICT for Development and Civic Engagement

Knowledge Sharing

In addition to impactful research, knowledge sharing is a key element of the Hub’s vision and mission. Particularly, the Hub seeks to support researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and students from the region with an interest in Internet and society issues by providing a platform for knowledge creation and sharing. The Hub, itself a node of the larger NoC network, will actively seek and invite collaboration with other research centers and think tanks in the region, and globally.

Capacity Building

Related to research and knowledge sharing is overall trust and capacity building, which is the third envisioned area of activity of the Hub. The goal is not only to support existing networks and incubate new networks among experts, but also to engage and build bridges between the different interested stakeholders from all sectors and backgrounds.