March 4, 2021

Platform Futures

Digital platforms and ecosystems are increasingly contested spaces, especially when it comes to issues of governance, competition, data flows and rights. The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has its own set of regulatory, social and cultural challenges and opportunities, yet features less prominently in the global discourse.

We are keen to explore these nuances and differences, as well as the challenges of identifying and articulating issues across a region as diverse as this one.

Through a new program on Platform Futures, the Digital Asia Hub aims to convene a network of academics and experts studying multiple aspects of platforms, and to create a space for dialogue on opportunities, challenges, and governance best practices in the APAC context.

The network will provide a platform for the generation of new ideas and scholarship, with a view to anticipating and getting ahead of emerging questions. We aim to kick off the program by engaging with two initial themes: mobile ecosystems, and data challenges and opportunities.

Stay tuned as we publish regular content including expert interviews, videos, commentaries and other media!

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