When The Music’s Over – Legislative Approaches to Technology Interventions During COVID: Asia and Global (June 11)

Join us for this session of When The Music’s Over where we discuss the various legislative approaches democracies around the world are taking to govern technology interventions being taken to manage the spread of COVID-19. The session will include inputs from:     We’ve had balcony concerts. Livestreams. Living room jam sessions. Pots and pans[…]

June 4 Nishant Shah

When The Music’s Over – “Not at Home” with Dr. Nishant Shah (June 4)

Our previous sessions have focused on law, policy, technology, journalism and other interventions with a public dimension. Moving inward, to the domestic, the private, and the liminal spaces that COVID19 has interrupted, our next session is about looking at the squareness of our homes beyond the rectangles of our screens. We’re thrilled to host “Not[…]

May 28th Contact Tracing apps - efficacy and privacy

When The Music’s Over – Contact Tracing Apps: Solution or Snake Oil?

Few things in the COVID-verse have been as polarising as contact tracing apps. Gamechangers, or solutions in search of a problem? Centralized or decentralized? Complementary to human contact tracers, or substitutes? In this session of When The Music’s we bring together: Sutawan Chanprasert, founder of DigitalReach Asia, has been analysing apps in Asia including Singapore’s[…]

Access - May 21 Sonia, Thomas, Ayesha

When The Music’s Over – Access, Affordability, and Inclusion

Our last session on vulnerable populations focused on gig workers, migrants, and people on the margins, as well as the crisis conditions in which preexisting inequalities are amplified. Building on the themes of barriers, this session will highlight issues of access, affordability and other factors that promote inclusion. This conversation took place on Zoom on May[…]

May 14

When The Music’s Over – Economic and Social Vulnerabilities

We move from our launch event on journalism and health communication, to a session on economic and social vulnerabilities, the particular risks for informal workers and migrant labour, and the perils of welfare measures not reaching those on the margins. We’ll look at access and education barriers, as well as normative and infrastructural challenges. You can access[…]