When The Music’s Over – “Not at Home” with Dr. Nishant Shah

Our previous sessions have focused on law, policy, technology, journalism and other interventions with a public dimension. Moving inward, to the domestic, the private, and the liminal spaces that COVID19 has interrupted, our next session is about looking at the squareness of our homes beyond the rectangles of our screens.

We’re thrilled to host “Not at Home” with Dr. Nishant Shah, Director of Research and Outreach and Professor of Aesthetics and Cultures of Technology at the ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands.

Dr. Shah has been thinking about the different connotations of space and materiality for spaces which did not have infrastructure privileges, and the fact that while many mourn the loss of space, there are communities that have long negotiated with the lack of it. Join us in a conversation about being at home, not being at home, and fantasizing about (post-pandemic) homes


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We’ve had balcony concerts. Livestreams. Living room jam sessions. Pots and pans banging. And clapping. (So much clapping). We’ve been inspired by the talent, generosity and spirit on display. But continue to ask: what next?

What happens when the music stops, but the surveillance doesn’t? When bands return to stadiums, but emergency powers don’t return to the statute books? When the ‘new normal’ becomes the same old scope creep? When beaches reopen, but migrant worker dorms don’t?

Over the course of our weekly conversation series, When the Music’s Over, we’ll convene scholars, practitioners, and artists, to parse and reimagine the evolving post-COVID19 landscape. We’ll talk rights, norms, policies, practices and artifacts. And we’ll do it with a particular focus on power, inequality, access and vulnerability. In Asia, and beyond. Join us!

The series is in partnership with the the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


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