May 13, 2020

When The Music’s Over – Economic and Social Vulnerabilities (May 14)

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We move from our launch event on journalism and health communication, to a session on economic and social vulnerabilities, the particular risks for informal workers and migrant labour, and the perils of welfare measures not reaching those on the margins. We’ll look at access and education barriers, as well as normative and infrastructural challenges.
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DateThursday, 14 May
Time9am Boston / 2pm London / 6:30pm Bangalore / 9pm Hong Kong

Location: Zoom

This conversation will include inputs from:

Series Outline:
We’ve had balcony concerts. Livestreams. Living room jam sessions. Pots and pans banging. And clapping. (So much clapping). We’ve been inspired by the talent, generosity and spirit on display. But continue to ask: what next?
What happens when the music stops, but the surveillance doesn’t? When bands return to stadiums, but emergency powers don’t return to the statute books? When the ‘new normal’ becomes the same old scope creep? When beaches reopen, but migrant worker dorms don’t?
The series is in partnership with the the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers