September 2, 2017

The Hub Newsletter

We’re very excited to launch the Digital Asia Hub newsletter as a way to share content from and about the region, and showcase interesting people and projects within the digital space. Each issue features pieces from invited experts, as well as a round-up of news and events. If you’d like to write an original piece for us, have us re-plug a piece recently published elsewhere, or include a conference or event you’re organising, please write to Dev Lewis.

Issue #1: Digital Shanzhai: Connected Manufacturing, Memes and Our Hardware Future📱

Issue #2: Consent, Maps, IDs, & Cyberspace 🌏

Issue #3: Pokemon GO, The Stratifying Internet & 37 Internet shutdowns💰

Issue #4: Bumper Anniversary Issue on Artificial Intelligence👾

Issue #5: Data Privacy Special Issue 🔑

Issue #6: O2O lead leapfrogger, Taiwan hacka22n, & more 🐸

Issue #7: Blockchain For Music, Social Credit, and Data-Driven Cities 🎧


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