AI in Asia

Given the data-intensive nature of approaches such as machine learning, and the increasing ubiquity of AI in everyday products and services, there is a growing interest within the privacy community to understand its implications. At the same time, a tremendous amount of innovation and entrepreneurship in the AI space is emerging from Asia to address[…]

When the Music’s Over

We’ve had balcony concerts. Livestreams. Pots and pans banging. And clapping. (So much clapping). But we continue to ask: what next? What happens when the music stops, but the surveillance doesn’t? When bands return to stadiums, but emergency powers don’t return to the statute books? When the ‘new normal’ becomes the same old scope creep?[…]

Next Digital Decade

The Hub launched our two-part series, The Next Digital Decade: Case Studies from Asia, in 2021 to trace the impact of the internet on society, politics, and life in Asia with a unique emphasis on pandemic-era changes and issues from 2020-2021.  At the heart of this project is the intention to find work on the[…]

The Ethics of Digitalisation: From Principles to Practice

The Ethics of Digitalisation: From Principles to Practice advances dialogue and action at the intersection of science, politics, digital economy, and civil society. Digitalization efforts are rapidly proliferating across sectors, prompting new and large-scale ethical challenges that arise from technological development and deployment that have important rights and justice implications. This project engaged interdisciplinary networks[…]

Digital Infrastructures Project

India is on the path of rapid digitisation of its public service delivery infrastructure, ostensibly building on the country’s history of encouraging Open Source Software (OSS) use by the government. If built in a sustainable, rights respecting manner, on principles of openness, transparency, and accountability, digital public infrastructure can be immensely useful, and help reduce[…]