CIRC 2023 The Chinese Internet in the Global South: Reconfigurations, Experiments, and Frictions     CIRC 2023  The Chinese Internet in the Global South: Flows, Frictions, and Futures The 20th Chinese Internet Research Conference 12-14 July 2023 Chiang Mai, Thailand   Hosted by Digital Asia Hub with local partner The Faculty of Mass Communication, Chiang Mai[…]

Platform Futures

The ‘Small Books for Big Platforms’ series, part of the Digital Asia Hub’s programme on Platform Futures, is a comparative cross-area study that explores the opportunities and challenges of data ecosystems and platform ecologies in the Asia-Pacific region. It invites scholars studying the policies, regulations, implementation, digital cultures, and usage of emerging and existing platform[…]

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The Digital Asia Hub hosted a Research Clinic on cities as part of the Ethics of Digitalization initiative, in collaboration with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the Global Network of Internet & Society[…]

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Foreword The digitalization process in Asia is probably more advanced and more rapid than in any other part of the world. Thanks to the high willingness to use new technologies and adaptability to experiment with existing structure and processes as well as easy access to tremendous amounts of data, Asian countries are leading in the[…]

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We’re thrilled to launch a 2-part series, The Next Digital Decade: Case Studies from Asia. Volume 1, titled ‘Traces and Divides’, reflects the path these case studies take: tracing the impact of the Internet on society, politics, and life in Asia, while identifying the many divides that persist. Asian societies are increasingly “digitally transformed”, but[…]

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Interested in real-world problem-solving, research with impact and networking opportunities? Join our Spring 2021 online research sprint open to Masters- and PhD-level students from all disciplines and geographies. Deadline To Apply: Tuesday, February 23 by 8:00am (EST/Boston time)/9pm (Hong Kong time) The Digital Asia Hub in collaboration with the Berkman Klein Center and the Global[…]

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We are pleased to announce a new joint project by the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers (NoC) exploring ”The Ethics of Digitalisation: From Principles to Practice.” The global project launched during a kickoff event in Berlin hosted by the office of the Federal President of Germany with participation from NoC institutions from around[…]

Drones and Dreams: A Speculative Sprint Story Collection

Welcome! In these pages you’ll meet pre-citizens stuck in limbo as they struggle to acquire citizenship somewhere, anywhere, nanobot shad- ow-selves that reveal hidden truths about ourselves, software systems prescribed for adults grappling with grief, and families living across languages and cultures and technologies. You’ll encounter the erosion of old ways and identities, as well[…]

FAT/Asia 2019

Alongside the excitement about science fiction “coming to life” through increasingly futuristic gadgets and services, there is growing concern about the implications of an algorithm-driven society. Scholars and thinkers are debating the potential impact of automated decision-making on equality, autonomy, and dignity, and addressing the need for oversight mechanisms that protect fundamental freedoms and human[…]

China’s Techno-Utilitarian Experiments with Artificial Intelligence

Any article talking about China’s journey with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to begin with the board game Go. More specifically, the face-off between Lee Sedol, winner of 18 world titles and widely considered to be the greatest player of the past decade, and Google’s DeepMind-AI-powered Alpha Go. In a now landmark match, Alpha Go didn’t[…]