Blue Skies and Brainstorms

On November 4 Digital Asia Hub convened a gathering of 25 thinkers, doers and makers from across South and Southeast Asia to survey the challenges facing the data and digital rights space in Asia, and anticipate various opportunities to fill the most critical gaps. In a half-day event in Singapore we discussed:

  • The most pressing issues in their fields or communities of practice;
  • Promising approaches and collaborations that can help address them;
  • Powerful drivers for research into action, particularly across disciplinary silos;
  • The skills gaps or capacity issues that need long-term intellectual (and actual!) investment;
  • The movements, actions, people and themes that can help to solve open questions in this


  • The resources, collaborations and ideas that they personally would most like to see emerge.

The output of the convening is to write a field- building proposals, and suggest a collaboration (or few). Or think about how to process and audit the emerging technological, cultural and geopolitical realities that are shaping Asia at this moment.

The meeting was held under Chatham House rules of non-attribution. We are grateful for the meeting support provided by Luminate.