APrIGF 2017 Side Event: Technology and Extremism

The Internet has served as a vehicle for radicalisation and mobilisation online, as well as a growing source of hate speech. In addition to the legal and policy solutions that may be available in different jurisdictions, policymakers are increasingly turning to platform providers and technology intermediaries to develop automated solutions in this space. This event  focused on challenges to free expression that such automated solutions might pose, and whether technological approaches threaten principles of the open Internet.

Digital Asia Hub and the Centre for Internet and Society, India, co-hosted a side event on July 26 at the Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF 2017), focused on technology and extremism. The by-invite only event was attended by members of the public policy and civic society from across the region, exploring opportunities to collaborate at the intersection of law, policy and technology, especially towards producing better evidence and empirical research.